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What Is the Facebook Leads Center? How Does It Help Your Recruitment?

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One of the most effective advertising tactics on Facebook is using the “lead generation” advertising objective. Now, in the staffing industry, when we hear “lead generation,” we instantly think of new business on the sales side.

But on Facebook, “lead generation” is just an advertising objective to quickly capture information on a native form right on Facebook. It is the PERFECT way to target job candidates in the right industry (healthcare, warehouse, admin, customer service)

During the summer of 2020, Facebook introduced the Leads Center to help manage the information of people who complete your lead generation advertisements, and it has some awesome benefits for companies.

Let’s dive in:

What Is a Lead Generation Ad?

Before we get into the main part of this blog post, we need to understand what a lead generation advertisement on Facebook is.

The advertisement format looks very similar to most Facebook advertisements. What is different is what happens after your audience clicks on the ad:

facebook-lead-generation-adWhen your audience clicks on the ad, a form opens in their Facebook timeline. We recommend having a really quick form (name, email, phone number) to improve conversion rates. Another great benefit to using this tactic is if that information already exists in a Facebook user’s profile, it auto-populates into the form – decreasing the amount of time needed to complete the form.

Using the Facebook Leads Center

After a Facebook user completes the lead generation ad, their information goes into the Facebook Leads Center. To access the Facebook Lead Center, your personal Facebook profile needs to have admin status on your company’s Facebook business page.

Go to your company’s main Facebook page and click on “Leads Center” at the top of the page. After clicking on that link, it will open up a new screen with all of the information from the people who filled out your lead generation advertisements.

Essentially, it’s a database of the leads, which makes it easy to navigate. The information that you asked in the capture form is available in that table.facebook-lead-generation-format

Click on the lead, and their information opens. There are several ways to help classify this lead:

  • Owner: Assign the lead to a member of your company who has a Page Role on your Facebook page
  • State: Classify the quality of the lead: In-Progress, Interested, Converted, Bad, Archive
  • Note: A text field to put important details about your lead
  • Schedule a Reminder: Select a date and time to get reminded to follow up with the lead
  • Form Answers: If you had specific questions on your lead capture form, their information appears in these areas. (For example, do you have a CDC Truck License – YES or NO)

This almost sounds like a mini ATS that you can use on Facebook. For companies who are using this lead generation tactic effectively, they get hundreds of candidates leads per month. The creation of the Facebook Leads Center makes it simple to organize and analyze your leads, which will improve conversions.

Pro Tip for Facebook Leads

To get the Facebook leads delivered to another location and make it more centralized for your staffing agency, you can integrate the leads with a CRM or other application.

Common applications are:

  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Zapier
  • Google Drive
  • ActiveCampaign
  • HubSpot

Instead of having to log in to the Facebook Leads Center to manage information, these integrations will deliver the information to applications that you use regularly.

Social Recruiting Finds the Right Candidates

Social recruiting is one of the four pillars of recruitment marketing at Haley Marketing, along with career sites, job advertising, and employer branding. Social recruiting goes beyond likes and shares – it turns your audience into placements.

Contact the Recruitment Marketing team at Haley Marketing to learn how we can design the ideal strategy for your company and leverage social media for recruiting.


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