Does My Staffing Firm Need A New Website?

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3 Ways To Tell If Your Site Is Out Of Date

More clients and candidates will visit your website in one year than you will talk to in a lifetime. Here are a few tips for how to know if it’s time for a website refresh:

1) Does It Work?

When you’re on your computer and enter your URL, what do you see? Your website should:

  • Load in three seconds or less
  • Be easy to navigate
  • Include clear and bold CTAs (call to actions)
  • Use forms that go to an email address of a person who will take action
  • Have an application that job seekers can use to easily and quickly apply

2) Is It Accurate?

As you read your website, does it have the following?

  • Your correct phone number
  • An up-to-date address
  • The right services you provide
  • The accurate specialties you offer
  • Your current employees

3) Is It Optimized For Mobile?

If you pull up your website on your phone:

  • Is it easy to read?
  • The mobile version should be designed for a smaller screen size and not be the desktop version squeezed down to the size of a phone
  • Is your career portal also optimized for mobile?

Are You Ready For A New Website?

Haley Marketing has a website deal to help you!

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