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Showcasing Your Shareworthy Service

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You’ve worked so hard to provide amazing service to employers and job seekers – through one of the most difficult years we’ve ever endured.

And you know what?

You deserve to celebrate those accomplishments!

Here are a few ways to showcase the shareworthy experiences you’ve created, and build a stronger brand in the process:

Case Studies.

Our clients continually share stories with us about how they’ve gone above and beyond to help employers:

  • survive a staffing crisis
  • pivot their staffing strategy to adapt to changes in the economy or talent market
  • operate safely during the pandemic
  • manage a host of other COVID-related business challenges

And for every employer-sided story they share, we also hear amazing examples of how our clients work extremely hard to take care of their candidates and associates. Whether they’re client- or candidate-focused, these stories are a goldmine for highlighting your shareworthy service in action.

How can you go from story to case study?

Start by creating a simple case study form your sales and recruiting staff can use to turn anecdotes into a full-fledged case studies. Here are a few basic elements to include:

  1. State the problem or issue the employer or job seeker faced.
  2. Explain their initial reaction to the problem (i.e., before your team stepped in).
  3. Describe your solution, detailing the specific implementation steps.
  4. Share the results you delivered, providing statistics when appropriate.
  5. If possible, include a quote from the employer or job seeker about their service experience and results.

Then, share your case studies on your blog, on a dedicated page on your website, on your social media pages, and even in your direct marketing efforts.


Do employers or job seekers leave you glowing reviews or testimonials on Glassdoor, Facebook, Google or through your reputation management program? Put that social proof to work for you:

  • Add a rotating testimonial slider to an otherwise static page on your website.
  • Include a testimonial fly-in or pop-up on your website’s home page.
  • Target the testimonials or reviews you add, so content is relevant for the page on which it’s displayed.

For more ideas, read this post on showcasing staffing testimonials to build trust.


Written case studies, testimonials and reviews are powerful, but video takes these stories to the next level in terms of engagement and SEO value (Google loves video!). Consider using a product like Video NOW to turn your clients, candidates and associates into stars highlighting your amazing service in action. Here’s an example:

Social Sharing Graphics.

Spruce up testimonials and reviews by dropping them into a branded template (i.e., one that includes your logo and complements your brand visually) and then sharing regularly on your social accounts. Here are a few examples we created for clients:

Case studies, video, website plug-ins…when it comes to showcasing your customer service, you’re limited only by your imagination – and we’re here to help! Connect with a marketing educator to learn how.

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