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Haley Marketing Launches “Snack Time” Digital Marketing Educational Video Series

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WILLIAMSVILLE, NY — Haley Marketing, the leading website development, content and recruitment marketing firm serving the temporary staffing and executive recruiting industries, is pleased to announce the launch of “Snack Time”: a series of FREE educational and training videos for industry professionals. The lessons are bite-sized (about five minutes) and packed with best practices for maximizing digital marketing results.

Snack Time Videos:

Brain Food for Staffing Professionals Hungry for Digital Marketing Knowledge

Strategies and best-practices for digital marketing in the staffing industry are continually evolving. While nobody can say for sure what 2021 will bring, firms that stay on top of trends, plan for the future, and keep their knowledge up to date will be the most successful.

Haley Marketing has always made marketing education a high priority for these very reasons, providing a robust collection of free resources – webinars, eBooks, blog posts and more – industry professionals can use to improve their sales and recruiting results. The Snack Time video series is the firm’s newest addition to their free training arsenal, delivering bite-sized marketing lessons in a fun new format:

While the Snack Time logo is reminiscent of a sweet treat, make no mistake: These videos are fortified with serious marketing knowledge. Perhaps best of all, topics and takeaways are customized for marketing in the staffing and recruiting industry.

Ideas for using Snack Time videos:

  • Quickly build your knowledge in discrete areas of digital marketing.
  • Watch videos as a team and use them as a launching pad for generating ideas.
  • Learn new ways to stand out, stay top-of-mind and sell more in today’s economy.

According to Haley Marketing CEO, David Searns, “When we first founded Haley Marketing, our mission was to make world-class marketing more affordable. For decades, we’ve been giving away our best advice to help the industry market, sell and recruit more effectively. We realize how busy people are these days, but we also know how important it is for staffing professionals to stay current on marketing practices. We created Snack Time to make it faster, more engaging and even fun to learn marketing concepts that drive even better results in today’s economy.”

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