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Silver Linings: Lessons from 2020 Part 4 – Most-Attended Webinars

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2020 got off to a fantastic start.

But we all know what happened next.

Through all these changes, we worked tremendously hard to find the silver lining – for our clients and ourselves, too. We created new low-cost marketing products. Offered special promotions. Doubled our free monthly webinars. And developed innovative ways to ways to make marketing faster, more effective and less expensive for you. 

Despite its ups and downs, 2020 taught us some unforgettable lessons. Now that it’s finally over (whew!), we wanted to give you a present:

The gift of knowledge!

In this series we’ve shared the best of 2020: a year’s worth of marketing insights, best practices, and success stories in one tidy package. 

Today’s installment continues with a recap of our most attended Lunch with Haley webinars.

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Most-Attended Lunch with Haley Webinars  

Strategies for a CHANGED World – Business and Sales Best Practices 

Get advice from some of the smartest people in the world about how to plan for – and even thrive in – economic downturns. We also review marketing techniques our clients used to limit their losses during the Great Recession and recover significantly faster than their competitors. 

Recruitment Marketing – What You Should be Doing Now 

Who knew we’d be dealing with talent shortages during a global pandemic? We examine the Four Pillars of Recruitment Marketing and share strategies to help you attract qualified candidates, reduce your cost of talent acquisition, and fill more open job orders. 

Managing Your Brand Accounts on Social Media During the COVID-19 Pandemic 

Given the current state of the world, we need to be incredibly mindful of everything we post on social media. Learn how to manage your social media company pages in today’s environment and leave with over a dozen action items and tactics to deploy immediately. 

The Great 2020 DoOver 

Remember being a kid… You’re playing a game, something goes wrong, and someone yells, “DO OVER!” 2020 definitely needs a do-over. Learn how to make a fresh start – and achieve unprecedented success – by creating a clear vision for your future and taking advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reinvent your business.  

Digital Marketing – What You Need to Be Doing 

Success in remote staffing sales requires new technology, sales models, recruiting methods and marketing strategies. Understand the trends that are redefining how staffing is sold and get tools and strategies you can use to discover sales opportunities and accelerate your recovery. 

Super Simple Tactics to Get More Out of Your Job Board Spend 

What jobs get the most clicks? The best candidates? How can you maximize your recruiting budget and efficiency? Appcast and Haley Marketing explain how today’s job seekers engage with jobs and offer simple advice to improve job postings and get more applications into your pipeline. 

Not Your Father’s Marketing – Strategies for Success in 2020 

The world of marketing (and marketing technology) is continually evolving. But how do these changes impact your business? Discover the trends and challenges of marketing in the staffing industry today and learn how to strengthen your marketing mix to achieve amazing results in 2021. 

Still hungry for knowledge? Our Lunch with Haley page includes upcoming webinars, and our Webinars on Demand page connects you to dozens of recordings you can watch at your convenience. Find out how to use our webinars for ASA-certified continuing education hours. 

Up Next: Best Results: High ROI Case Studies


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