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3 Ways to Get More Mileage from Your Staffing Firm’s Content

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Would you take the time to knit yourself a gorgeous sweater, and then wear it only once?

Would you invest time and money shopping for and preparing a fantastic meal – and then throw out the leftovers?

No way. What a waste, right?

Your content is no different.

Creating great content – ideas and answers that clients and candidates are searching for – takes time. But if you’re like most staffing professionals, you have limited hours to devote to researching, writing, recording, designing and editing. So, after you’ve worked hard to create a content masterpiece, don’t just share it once and then let it “gather dust”; repurpose it! Here are three ways to get more mileage from the content you create.

How Can a Staffing Agency Repurpose Content?

1. Take a fresh approach to an existing idea.

  • Turn an employer-focused article on how to ask job interview questions into a candidate-focused article on how to answer them.
  • Flip content on its head. For example, with a bit of editing you could transform a list of job search mistakes into a list of “must do’s” for a successful job search.
  • Explore an idea from an existing piece of content in more detail – and then interlink both pieces of content.

2. Switch up the format.

  • Convert blog posts to video (we have a solution for that).
  • Roll up a series of blog posts on a related topic into an eBook, or use them as the foundation for a webinar.
  • Break an eBook or whitepaper into a series of interrelated blog posts.
  • Turn the data from a salary survey into an eye-catching infographic.
  • Transform a laundry list of testimonials into an engaging video.

3. Refresh and republish content.

Have a great blog post from 2010 on the value of working with a staffing recruiter? Guess what – most of those reasons are still valid! Review and update the content so that it makes sense in the context of today’s recruiting landscape, create a more modern post title and grab a fresh image to make it new again. Once you establish a process, audit your content library and identify other pieces that are still relevant, but need a little TLC. Then commit to modernizing the info and reintroducing it to your audience.

The best content marketing is about working smarter – not harder.

Whether it’s in the form of blog posts, videos, eBooks, infographics, webinars, podcasts or any other type of content, employers and job seekers are hungry for it. But that doesn’t mean you need to (or even should) “recreate the wheel” every time you produce a piece of content. Here are just a few reasons repurposing content is smart marketing:

  • People learn in different ways. Some process audio information best; others are visual learners…you get the picture. The point is, repurposing content in different formats helps you reach new members of your audience.
  • Your audience evolves over time. In a year’s time, how many new employers or job seekers do you work with? Chances are, these newbies haven’t been exposed to most of what you’ve produced in the past. Don’t feel guilty or lazy about sprucing up an evergreen post and republishing it – you’re doing your firm and your followers a favor.
  • You give less successful content a fighting chance. You know that amazing eBook that didn’t yield the results you wanted? Maybe the problem wasn’t with the content – it could be the manner or context in which it was presented. If you’re convinced that your information is relevant, timely and insightful, try switching up the format and breathing some new life into the piece.
  • Repurposing boosts SEO. Search engines like Google prefer websites they trust. Having more pages of high-quality content in a variety of formats on your site signals to search engines that your site is a credible source of information.

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