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3 Digital Strategies to Recruit Gen Z Candidates

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As a new generation of candidates, Generation Z, enters the workforce, it may be time to introduce new and unconventional recruiting and hiring methods. Gen Z is defined as anyone born in the late 1990s, ranging to the early 2000s. This generation is known for being tech-savvy, open-minded individuals raised on the internet and social media. Recruiters now have a new audience to speak to, and in a constantly changing society, it is crucial to know the best strategies to do so. Here are 3 unique strategies you can use when looking to recruit Gen Z candidates.

Use Social Media to Recruit Candidates

Throughout 2020 and now into 2021, in-person interactions were limited, and in turn, social media has become a much larger aspect of everyone’s lives. Whether it is watching funny videos, sharing photos, or checking in with family members, everyone engages with social media in one way or another. When thinking about hiring, social media can be the ideal platform that recruiters can use to their advantage. Since Gen Z is known for being tech-savvy, engaging on a platform they are comfortable with and use daily could be a beneficial strategy. By maintaining an online presence and promoting your company’s culture, you can attract Gen Z candidates.

Promote Work-Life Balance

There is no doubt that work-life balance has become one of the most desirable factors when searching for a new job, especially for Gen Z. They value the importance of creating a seamless balance between their work and personal lives. Members of this generation want to avoid positions where they feel they must dedicate their whole lives and sacrifice their personal time. Allowing for that flexibility can create a more positive company culture and help attract more Gen Z candidates. Using your companies social media to highlight your employee feedback can give good insight to potential candidates. If you are looking for simple ways to change your culture, flexible start times, personal days off, or allow work from home options are great ways to start.

Be Up to Date on Technology Trends

Since Gen Z has been brought up on the latest technology trends and using the internet for most of their lives, your company must implement the right tech into the day-to-day. The best way to show that your company is tech-savvy from the start is to make sure your application process is seamless. The easier you can make applying to your jobs, the better for all applicants but especially Gen Z. Applications that require the candidate to enter information redundantly are tedious and will likely be a turnoff for Gen Z applicants. Including descriptions of the tech your company uses for daily activities can also help to attract these tech-savvy youths. By promoting your applications, and software used, you’d be surprised how much more willing Gen Z candidates will be to apply to your available positions. Whether it is for productivity, business, or internal communication, the latest tech will be attractive to the audience you are trying to reach.

As you begin to target the next generation of professionals, changing and enhancing your hiring and recruiting techniques becomes essential. At Haley Marketing, we offer a wide range of products and services that can help you meet your hiring and recruiting needs. For an overview of the products and services we offer, click here!

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