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What Is Recruitment Marketing for Staffing Agencies?

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In this short video, Director of Recruitment Marketing Matt Lozar explains what “recruitment marketing” means in the staffing industry. He also shares the four pillars of an effective recruitment marketing strategy:

What is recruitment marketing?

It’s everything it takes to get the right people to apply to your jobs. At Haley Marketing, we take that a step further. We’ve identified four pillars of recruitment marketing:

  1. Career sites
  2. Job advertising and distribution
  3. Social recruiting
  4. Employment branding.

Let’s dig into each of those pillars.

Pillar 1: Career Sites

Think of your career site or portal as your staffing company’s front door.

What is the experience like for job seekers, the first time they visit, or the hundredth time they visit? Is your career site optimized for job seekers? Is it mobile-friendly? What are candidates going through to find your open jobs? How easy or challenging is it to apply for your open jobs?

To find out, apply for a job at your company on your mobile device and on your desktop. With so much competition, we want to remove friction from that process. Applying for jobs can be very stressful, so you want it to be easy to find your open jobs. You want it to be easy to complete the application for your open jobs. If those are challenging activities, your candidates are going to go to the competition down the street, and you’ll going to be left with hiring the wrong candidates, which leads to stress for your company, and unopened job orders.

Make it simple to apply for your jobs, to find your jobs, and have the experience be welcoming for job seekers.

Pillar 2: Job Advertising

What can you do to get a better ROI on your job board spend? At Haley Marketing, we’re partial to programmatic job advertising. It helps us fill more job orders without increasing budget, by allowing technology to make decisions faster than any human can.

Here are a few areas where programmatic job advertising really drives better ROI:

  • It helps choose the right budget on the right job boards to help meet your business goals.
  • It automates the posting, but your team still decides which jobs receive that sponsorship, and then let the technology make data-driven decisions based on your data, to drive better ROI.
  • We can automatically conduct A/B testing of job titles and other areas. If you’re a healthcare recruiter, and you want to post an RN job, we teach the software to post it as an RN job, or a registered nurse job, and then adjust that based on the data to help get better ROI.

Use programmatic job advertising and the technology to give more time back to your team to focus on generating revenue.

Pillar 3: Social Recruiting

What can you do to improve the visibility of your company and strengthen your brand to attract more talent?

  • Give every post a purpose. Start by choosing the social media platforms where your audience is spending time. That’s different from healthcare, to industrial, to the C-Suite. The content each of these audiences wants to see is also different. So, share the types of content they want to see.
  • Then, make it easy to convert. Whatever the purpose is behind that post, make it simple for your audience to take action. Conduct testing of different imagery and titles for your social posts, and adjust based on that data.
  • Finally, don’t be afraid to use paid components. Organic reach isn’t enough on social media right now, especially Facebook. Create a strategy that has paid components to maximize visibility to your audience. Remember, it’s not just about posting jobs on social media, it’s about building and nurturing that relationship by being social with your audience.

Pillar 4: Employer Branding

What is your company known for? Are you viewed as a “best place to work”? Are you in control of your online reputation? To be the first choice in job seekers’ minds:

  • Collect awesome testimonials of people who are proud and excited to work with you. Have a plan for collecting those positive reviews proactively, and determine which platforms are most important for your business. It could be Google, it could be Facebook, it could be Indeed. Prioritize those platforms for your business.
  • Have a plan for negative reviews. People will post when they’re angry. How is your company going to react systematically and unemotionally to make sure to address that review professionally? Take control of your company’s reputation. Tell the story the way you want it to be told. Push for proactive, positive reviews and drive those to the platforms that are important to your business.

Want to get more of your open jobs filled…without spending more on job advertising?

Let’s schedule a 30-minute recruitment marketing focus call.

What’s a recruitment marketing focus call?

This 30-minute conversation focuses on your recruitment advertising strategy, social recruiting tactics and employer branding. After the call, we provide a complimentary audit of your recruitment marketing strategy, evaluating your challenges and sharing relevant best practices.

If you are spending $2,000 a month or more on job ads, we’ll show you how to get more return on your spend. Schedule your free focus call here!

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