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How to Write the Best Staffing Website Copy

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Your website copy is critically important. Good copy will generate interest while increasing inquiries from candidates and potential clients. It should never be an afterthought or something you just throw together. It should receive the same thought and attention as the layout and imagery on your site. Copy is an investment in the success of your website and, ultimately, the success of your staffing company. Here are some of the secrets to content creation that the best staffing websites utilize for success.

The Best Staffing Website Content Focuses on Humans First

It’s important for your staffing content to be found by search engines, but you never want to write web copy exclusively for search engines. Search optimization requires writing copy in a certain way, but you don’t need to get hung up on keyword density, keyword variations or local modifiers the way you used to.

Google still needs cues to learn what each page of your website is about, but it is much more intuitive than it used to be and no longer needs you to be so blatant when writing copy. In fact, Google now evaluates the quality of a page when determining how to rank it.  You will get penalized if you stuff keywords into the copy or write in a way that is not reader-friendly.

That’s not to say that keywords and optimization techniques no longer matter – they surely do. But it does mean that you need to strike a balance between creating pages that are crawlable and easy for Google to understand but also have engaging and readable content for users. The best staffing websites are always written for humans first.

For Every Piece of Staffing Content, A Clear Purpose

Every page of your website and every blog post you create should have one, singular purpose. This helps Google understand exactly what each page is about and how to rank them, and it helps users find a clear path through your website.

If you try and cram too many things onto one page, it can be overwhelming for a visitor. That’s why the best staffing websites have clear delineations for users as soon as they land on a home page. Job seekers have one clear path, and clients have another. Each section is devoted to the audience it is targeted to, and you may even consider adjusting the tone of the copy to address each specific audience. For example, you may take a more conversational tone on pages directed at job seekers and a more formal tone on pages directed at clients on a light industrial staffing website.

You never want to create staffing content without a clear purpose first. Don’t write copy for copy’s sake. Write copy that adds value. Plan your work and work your plan.

Think Like A Reader

Many times, staffing companies want to spend their entire website talking about themselves. But readers don’t actually care about you. They care about what you can do for them and why they should partner with your staffing company to find a job or find employees.

Rather than spouting off about things you think are important, think like a potential customer or job seeker. What do they actually want to know when deciding to work with a staffing company? You’ll want to:

  • Answer the most common questions you get from clients and candidates
  • Change “I” and “we” language to “you” language – it’s ok to speak directly to the reader
  • Talk about the actual problems you solve
  • Decide what makes you truly different from your competitors and highlight those benefits

Think about your own web browsing and research habits. What do you look for when deciding where to take your business? The best staffing websites develop content that is focused on the reader.

Craft Clear and Enticing Headlines

There is a time and a place for creativity, but when it comes to headlines, you want to hook attention immediately. One two of ten people will read further than your headline, and if that headline is sub-par, you’ll get even fewer.

Lack of clarity in your headline can cost you a serious amount of readers, and thus, will shrink the number of people entering the top of your funnel. For your website to convert, you need to make sure your headlines are clear, concise and motivate people to want to learn more.

It’s also important to break up long pages like blog posts with sub-headings to guide users who skim pages looking for the most relevant information. If they land on a page of 10 lengthy paragraphs, they will not want to read your staffing content.

The Best Staffing Website Content Uses Action-Worthy CTAs

Headlines hook readers and entice them to stay on your page. But if they click away without taking action, you’ve gained nothing. That’s why every page and every blog post you create should have strong calls-to-action (CTAs).

If you want job seekers or potential clients to reach out to you, fill out a form, apply to a job, etc., you have to 1) make the process as simple as possible and 2) tell the reader exactly what it is you want them to do next. Never assume that people know what action to take after they browse a webpage or read your informative staffing content. If someone is interested in working with you, but they can’t reach a contact form in one click or click-to-call, they won’t waste time hunting around your site to find a way to reach you. They will simply move on to someone else.

CTAs should:

  • Speak directly to a customer or candidate’s need
  • Be extremely easy to find
  • Stand out from the rest of the copy (we like to use buttons)
  • Guide the potential client or candidate to the next step

It’s also important to note what you should not include in a CTA. You want to avoid words that are vague, can cause friction or sound too aggressive, including:

  • Learn more: No one wants to learn more. That sounds too time -consuming. Replace learn more with an action or benefit.
  • Sign up: This can cause friction because people fear that they will be spammed if they sign up for something. Instead, say “get instant access to…”
  • Download now: Try personalizing it with something like “Show me how to lower my Cost per Application.”
  • Submit: Wrestlers and professional fighters submit when they are losing a fight. No one wants to submit, give in or give up.

Often, people slap a CTA on a page as an afterthought, but those sentences and phrases can mean the difference between landing a new client or candidate or losing them to a competitor. They should be written with thought and should always be purposeful.

Ready To Rock Your Staffing Content?

Writing effective copy is both creative and technical. If you’d like help updating your copy and design to create a website that helps you attract clients and candidates, talk to the experts at Haley Marketing Group. Contact our team today to learn how we can help you create a modern website that ranks well in search, gets attention and drives action.

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