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Control Your Staffing Firm’s Online Reputation (6-minute educational video)

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 Learn the Four Critical Steps to Building a Stellar Online Reputation

Haley Marketing’s Magezi Mukandala, Technical Support Specialist, talks about taking control of your staffing firm’s online reputation in this quick Snack Time video.

The reality of the staffing industry is that you can’t place every candidate, and you can’t please every client. And in fact, they have a significant say in the public perception of your staffing firm. Left unchecked, their complaints have more power than ever to damage your reputation online. So, what do we do to control your online reputation?

1. Assess Your Online Reputation

Search for your business online to see where you’re mentioned. Will save your business name plus the word reviews and pop that into Google. And see what you come up with. When you start getting those results, go through them.

  • Keep a list of these sites for future reference.
  • Prioritize the list once you’ve generated it by impact.,
  • What’s the general sentiment for each of the review sites?
  • What’s the rating or score?
  • How many people are leaving reviews against your business?
  • What’s the most recent review?
  • Is the activity on the site more recent? And if it is, it’ll have more impact.

And you also want to have a general or average review score that you can keep track of and see whether you’re trending up or down as time goes by.

2. Address Any Negatives Or Positives Discovered

  • Develop a strategy for responding to these reviews, develop a response team.
  • Who would you trust to respond to the positive and negative reviews?
  • Would you mind providing them with tools to make their jobs easier, such as templates? Give them an escalation plan if a negative review comes out with a severe complaint.
  • Who should they speak to?
  • How should you as a company incorporate the criticism that you’re receiving online?
  • How should the company ask for referrals if you are receiving positive reviews now?

3. Get Ahead Of Future Reviews

Now, this is super important. You can do so by developing a system for asking for reviews. It is crazy how many people don’t make the initial ask. When you do set up a plan for asking for reviews, consider what to ask for.

What points of feedback are you looking for? How to ask, now this is where tools, technology, and automation can make a massive impact in making sure that the system is continually asking for reviews. You want to establish who you will ask and when to ask and how often and appropriate a follow-up policy. You don’t want to become a pest, but you also don’t want to be missed with people’s inboxes getting inundated.

4. Monitor, Analyze, and Refine

  • Constantly track results, put notifications in place.
  • Keep an eye out for trends, whether there is a trend regarding how many reviews you’re getting and what types of reviews you’re getting.
  • Look into these reviews for any insights regarding working or not working for your business and apply those to your business to improve processes.
  • Always promote the positives and get that out there to tip the scales in your favor.
  • Continually refine your strategy and your systems.

If you have any questions about what Haley Marketing does for our clients and helping them control their online reputation, contact us today!

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