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Content Marketing Big Ideas (3 of 6): Answer the questions people really want to know

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Do you have all the answers to questions people really want to know? If not, don’t worry, we are here to give you a heads up.

In this six-part series, we discuss the questions from a client and candidate perspective.

Step two, answer the questions people really want to know.

In the book, They Ask, You Answer, author Marcus Sheridan outlines an incredibly simple, yet unbelievably powerful content marketing strategy: Answer the questions your customers are asking!

Sounds easy, right? It’s not. And it takes guts—real guts—to implement.

Think about the things your clients and candidates really want to know:

  • How much do you charge? (pricing)
  • What are the biggest problems with your services?
  • What staffing company is the best?
  • How does your company compare to (fill in your biggest competitor’s name)?
  • What do your current customers say? (reviews)

Oh, and your customers want 100% unbiased, fully transparent answers to these questions. Still think answering your customer’s questions is easy?

If you have the guts, this content strategy will help you to stand out, radically improve your SEO, and drive significantly more traffic to your website. It will also help you to build credibility, differentiate your company, and build trust with employers and job seekers.

While you might not want to jump right into pricing questions, a painless way to start with this kind of content strategy is to have your team list the most commonly asked questions by candidates, employees, clients, and prospects. Once you have the list, come up with a plan to answer each one using the multimedia approach referenced above.

Did you miss part 2?

Don’t worry! Learn how to embrace a multimedia approach.

Up Next: Step three, build your authority

Our next post discusses how to build trust and respect.

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