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Content Marketing Big Ideas (2 of 6): Embrace a multimedia approach

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You may think you finally have the remote world figured out. But if you’re not connecting physical content to the digital world, you may not be reaching your audience.

How can you stand out? In this six-part series, I share how to take on a multimedia approach.

Step one, embrace a multimedia approach.

Thanks to our relatively newfound “remote first world,” we are all living our lives online. In fact, a study by Nielsen showed that screen time in the U.S. increased by 215% between March 2019 and March 2020.

You probably won’t be shocked to read that in response to our changing digital consumption habits, marketing departments everywhere cranked up their content engines. More blogs. More videos. More LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and let’s not forget, TikTok!

As you might guess, all this digital noise has intensified competition for visibility and attention—which, of course, makes getting your staffing company’s content found more challenging than ever.

So, how do you stand out?

  1. Think of how you will distribute your content BEFORE you create it, not after.
  2. Think multimedia. Plan to distribute your content in at least three of the following formats: copy on your website (blogs & jobs); video (recorded & live); social graphics; print; audio; and/or email.
  3. Think beyond digital. If you want your content to stand out, transition some of your content from the inbox to the mailbox. While the electronic distribution of your content is a must, sending physical content (letters, postcards, printed guides, and branded magazines) will differentiate your content from 99% of your competitors.

Look for opportunities to connect physical content to the digital world. The contactless menus that emerged in 2020 and native QR code integration with our smartphones have opened up a world of opportunities that did not exist before.

Did you miss part 1?

Don’t worry! Learn how to meet your audience where they are.

Up Next: Step two, answer the questions people really want to know.

Our next post will focus on information people need to hear.

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