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Content Marketing Big Ideas (1 of 6): Meet your audience where they are

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Meet your audience where they are

Whether you’re recruiting—or selling staffing services, the surest route to success is to meet your audience where they are. And this includes both physical and mental locations!

You may be thinking, “Isn’t this content marketing 101?”

It sure is! But go to Indeed and read the job posts. Or check out the blogs of your competitors. How often do you see content that is “me, me, me” — all about the goals and interest of the staffing company rather than focusing on the needs and wants of the audience?

One of the most fundamental tenets of content marketing ­­is to create valuable, relevant, and consistent content…content that puts the needs and wants of your audience before your own objectives.

Content marketing today isn’t just about what you say; it’s also about where you say it. With people consuming content in so many different ways and so many different places, you also need a strategy that ensures your content is found by your ideal clients and candidates wherever they go.

Up Next: Step one, embrace a multimedia approach.

Our next post in this series will talk about how to stand out when working remotely.

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