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Content Marketing Big Ideas (5 of 6): Create personalized content for all stages of the buying process

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Embracing your multimedia approach, building your authority, answering the hard questions, and the fourth and final step of content marketing all demonstrate how to meet your audience where they are.

Step four, create personalized content for all stages of the buying process.

When it comes to meeting your audience where they are, be sure to consider where they are in the buying process. When job seekers are looking for work and hiring managers are seeking a staffing partner, they go through a six-stage buying process.

  1. Problem Recognition
  2. Information Search
  3. Evaluation of Alternatives
  4. Purchase Decision
  5. Purchase
  6. Post Purchase Evaluation

In a perfect world, every candidate would call you the moment they start their search. And every employer would have a well-defined workforce strategy and reach out the minute they identify a future talent need. However, this is rarely the case.

Most of the time, people will connect with you at stage two or three. Your challenge is to offer information that matches their needs at the time they discover your company. This is where intelligence-driven marketing and marketing automation software come into play.

Marketing automation enables you to structure content sharing (and sales outreach) based on a specific person’s stage in the buying process. For example, if a prospect clicks on your article about Recruitment in the Manufacturing Industry, they are likely in stage two of the process. Intelligence-driven marketing may steer them to a landing page to download an eBook that dives deeper into overcoming staffing challenges specific to their industry. Downloading the eBook can increase their lead score and automate the sharing of additional content to help them with the next step – Evaluation of Alternatives.

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