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Big Ideas for Social Recruiting Part 4: Inform and Inspire

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Recruiting is tough work these days.

The job market is booming, but workers aren’t swarming open roles. The hesitation is understandable—we’ve all been through a lot. As much as we want things to get back to “normal,” we don’t know what that looks like yet.

But even though recruiting is challenging, it’s not impossible. We put our thinking caps on at Haley Marketing and came up with new, tried and true, and downright inspired strategies for social recruiting.

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Today’s post is all about information:

  • Tell job seekers about opportunities.
  • Teach your team how to be more successful.
  • Share what you know, especially if it can help make others’ lives better.

Inform and inspire job seekers, and they will see value in working with you.

  1. Give candidates compelling reasons to work. In your social posts, address the rational and emotional reasons people might want to get back to work:
    1. Sense of pride and well-being that comes from earning a paycheck.
    2. Right now is the BEST time to land a temp-to-hire job.
    3. Pay rates are very competitive right now.
    4. It’s a great time to get into a desirable field or employer.
    5. Avoid gaps on your resume.
    6. Get your spouse off the couch (and out of the house!).
  2. Provide ongoing training to your team. Ensure they understand your social recruiting strategy—and know how to use the tools effectively. Consider a “lunch and learn” model for cross-training the folks in your company.
  3. Use LinkedIn Live or Facebook Live.
    1. Host a regular show featuring local jobs, employers, and your recruiters. Think 30 minutes once a week.
    2. You can also share job hunting tips, advice on how to get promoted, and other educational content mixed in with discussion about specific jobs you’re trying to fill.
    3. Go live with interview tips. Have a recruiter go live on Facebook or LinkedIn and provide tips for interviewing. You could even do a mock interview situation where you show good and bad examples of answering interview questions.
    4. Use Facebook Live to promote opportunities. While only a tiny percentage of your following will see your non-sponsored Facebook posts, a large percentage will have Facebook Live notifications turned on and will see what you share via video!
    5. Try a Facebook Live: Q & A session. Ask your followers for questions, and then answer them in this live video format. It’s a nice way to show that there are real people behind the scenes at your company.
  4. Create interesting content. What’s interesting content? Anything the resonates with your audience! Here are few ideas:
    1. Videos that profile your clients and the interesting job assignments you offer.
    2. Videos that introduce your recruiters.
    3. Pictures that show off your culture and how you treat candidates.
    4. Infographics that explain how to get hired with your firm.
    5. Instagram and Facebook stories that celebrate the work your temporaries do.
    6. Press releases about your community service.
    7. Blog posts that show off the social value of staffing services and how you put people to work.
    8. eBooks and guides to getting promoted / getting a raise.
    9. Free training courses or videos.

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Super-psyched to hear more big ideas for social recruiting? Can’t wait for the next post? We get it; we love a good binge, too. Read “50+ Ideas for Social Recruiting” right here.

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