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Big Ideas for Social Recruiting Part 5: Celebrate the Wins

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Nobody likes a show-off, but that doesn’t mean you need to hide your staffing firm’s light under a bushel.

These are tough times for recruiting. Jobs are plentiful, but job seekers are wary. Using social media to highlight your staffing firm’s success stories can expand your reach and increase your referrals.

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How can you tempt job seekers to choose your firm over all the others?

Celebrate the Wins.

  1. Post Recruiter Spotlights.” In some industries, candidates choose an employment agency because of the recruiters. Highlight your staff in fun and interesting posts so candidates can get to know them better and feel more comfortable reaching out to your team
  2. Highlight “Employees of the Week.” People love to see their name in lights and showing off your top team members (and temporary associates) is a great way to get in front of new candidates. By celebrating the success of your current employees, you’ll see your reach expand…and your referrals increase.
  3. Highlight top-paying jobs. Thanks to extended relief benefits, some people are making more staying home than working. They won’t even think about coming back if that means making less than they do today. To increase applications, focus on jobs that are paying higher wages.
  4. Highlight remote jobs. People want to have the option to return to work, but statistics keep showing that they want remote options. Whenever you have jobs that allow remote work, promote them on social.
  5. Celebrate the wins. When sharing open jobs on social, talk about similar placements made and how you created great matches. Mix these in with open searches so you can communicate the payoff that you are matching great talent with awesome opportunities.
  6. Make a big deal of temp-to-hire conversions. You can turn a single placement into several pieces of content for your social accounts: videos, testimonials, images, blog posts, and more.
  7. Make your candidates the “heroes” of your content. Feature the stories of candidates you’ve placed; highlight successful temporary associates in the field.

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