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3 Reasons Your Staffing Firm Needs Candidate Automation 

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Spending too much on job ads?

Time to fill too long? 

Candidates ghosting? 

Every staffing firm has challenges, and many pain points share a common theme: the need for candidates.  

At heart, staffing is a people business.   

Staffing firms put people to work. But the things that contribute to a great candidate experience—especially during the pandemic—have changed. Topping the list? Relevant communication. 

Automation offers staffing firms the ability to communicate with candidates at crucial points throughout the employment cycle without creating more admin work (except on the front end).  

Recruiting automation has gone from “cool tech” to “business essential” – here’s why. 

Happier Candidates

In a perfect world, every staffing firm could create a world-class experience for each candidate, which would result in faster placements, higher retention and redeployment rates, and a better NPS for the firm. The painful reality?  

  • The urgent rush to fill new job orders leaves many candidates in a holding pattern post-application. They weren’t right for the job they wanted, but they don’t know about the next opportunity.  
  • Or their first day on the job is a dumpster fire, and their recruiter doesn’t check in. 
  • Or their assignment ends, and they don’t hear anything, so they move on to the next firm. 

A well-thought-out, automated touchpoint series designed with the candidate in mind can make them feel valued and appreciated and take the pressure off busy recruiters. Best of all? A little work on the front end creates a communication journey that travels through one assignment, into the next, and carries on months after a placement has ended. At scale. Add in some birthday and anniversary automations, and you’ve really got happy candidates.  And we all know that happy candidates are more likely to stay working for you – and refer their friends to your firm!

More Productive Recruiters

Automating admin work means recruiters can spend more time doing what they do best and enjoy most: finding candidates, filling jobs, and building relationships. Data entry is necessary, but if an automation platform can make that magic happen, then why tie up your valuable recruiters? Leverage event-triggered communication across text and email to get information where it needs to go instantly. Consider these workflow possibilities: 

  • Have candidates self-select skills during pre-qualification to send their application to the correct recruiter. 
  • Create a weekly automation to get available candidates to raise their hands, giving recruiters a head start filling jobs. 
  • Build a re-engagement journey to continuously find candidates looking for work. If they aren’t interested, ask them to refer their friends. 

Money Saved

Consider this the best part of all: investing in an automation platform can improve your firm’s bottom line. For example: 

  • Time is money. How long does it take for a recruiter to make a phone call to a candidate confirming a start date? Two minutes? How many of those calls does a recruiter make in a day? Let’s say thirty (to keep the math simple). In that case, creating an automated start-date reminder saves one hour of time that a recruiter can then spend on revenue-generating tasks.  
  • Use ‘em or lose ‘em. Remember all those candidates who applied for that job they didn’t get? They’re still there! Creating a workflow to engage candidates already in your database means more placements directly from your outreach AND less money spent on job advertising.  

Now you know WHY you need candidate automation. Let us help you with HOW to get started! Our automation optimization experts can audit your platform, suggest journeys, and get you on the road to automation today. Honk if you want better candidate engagement! 

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