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What’s the Outlook for Recruiting in 2022? Part 1: The Factors You Can and Can’t Control

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Each new year brings a new recruiting outlook. In this three-part series, we’ll give you insights into factors affecting the industry, the four pillars of recruitment marketing, how to use technology to your advantage, and more! This first post addresses what’s currently affecting the staffing industry and how you can encourage people to get back to work ASAP.

Recruiting success in 2022 is about focusing on what you can control and not dwelling on what you can’t.

You can’t control…

Economic conditions that will increase or reduce demand for talent. Factors that keep candidates out of the market, such as health issues or childcare struggles. Unpredictable Covid variations that could have an impact on the workplace.

You can control…

How you reach out to potential employees to find them where they are. Where you stack up against the competition. The flexibility of your workforce (combining temporary, temporary-to-hire and direct hire options). Branding your company as a place people want to work. Giving candidates who are on the bubble a reason to return to work.

Let’s Take a Look at Some of These Factors and How Staffing Firms Can Address Them in 2022

Unemployment and Other Incentives

Federal unemployment benefits have ended. While they are no longer an obstacle to hiring, there are still reasons for people to stay home, stay in their current role, or remain unmoved by your recruiting efforts.

The Question Remains – Why?

The Grass Is Greener

The Great Resignation puts fear into the hearts of many employers, but that doesn’t have to be the case. People are quitting jobs in droves because they are unhappy with their compensation, how they are treated on the job or don’t feel like the organization reflects their values.

Low Pay Rates

Minimum wage has done a poor job of keeping up with inflation and productivity. By some estimates, it would be upwards of $25 an hour if it had! Most employers cannot afford this rate, particularly for entry-level or low-skilled jobs. It is important to keep up with the Effective Minimum Wage in your city or industry to compete for talent. Including transportation, child care, lunch and other expenses, the effective minimum wage is over $16 an hour and as high as $20 an hour in cities with a high cost of living and low unemployment!

Employees Want More Support

The customer is NOT always right. If your employees are in public-facing or interacting roles, be certain they have your full support. Behind low wages, bad management has always been one of the primary reasons people cite for leaving their jobs. Increasingly, workers are being treated badly by members of the public as well. If a customer complains or an incident occurs, by all means, hear the customer out, and address their (reasonable) concerns if you can, but don’t assume they are in the right. Employees who feel their employee has their back are happy, more engaged, and loyal. If you want your company to feel like a family or team, you must be on the same side.

Family Obligations

Unless you have on-site daycare or room in your budget to subsidize child care, there’s not much you can do about the people staying home to care for their kids. Still, there remains plenty you can do to encourage people to get back to the workplace or leave their current company for yours.

7 Great Reasons to Encourage People to Get Back to Work Now

  • Take advantage of higher pay rates and even bonuses.
  • Nail down the best jobs now before there is more competition.
  • Add flexibility to your career with temporary and contract jobs.
  • Avoid gaps on your resume. They can follow you throughout your career.
  • Gain a sense of pride and well-being that comes from having a .
  • Make a career shift – shorthanded employers may be willing to give you a shot.
  • Your dream employer may be hiring right now. Get your foot in the door while you can!

Up Next: Give People A Reason to Choose You

Why should candidates choose you? Our next post will discuss reputation management and the four pillars of recruitment marketing to guide your way. But if you don’t want to wait, you can check out the full article here!

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