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Drive Your Employment with Content Brand Part 5: Bringing Your Brand to Your Audience

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Are you ready to maximize your band content’s impact on recruiting, retention, and more? This post will talk about how you can share and promote your brand content to your audience.

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5(a). Bringing your brand to your audience.

By definition, content marketing is a “pull strategy,” drawing job seekers closer to your brand’s message and attracting them to your staffing or recruiting firm.

But employment branding content is no “field of dreams.” Once you create all that amazing stuff, you need to bring it to your audience! Here’s how to share and promote your brand content to maximize its impact on your recruiting, retention and bottom line:

Social media.

Platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tik Tok will likely be the main vehicles for your branding efforts. If you’re new, start small and build a presence on one or two platforms. Then, start sharing:

  • Be personal. Show what it’s really like to work for your organization.
  • Be consistent. Make sure what you share aligns with your vision, values and branding goals. Plan to share content on a regular schedule.
  • Be creative. Use each platforms unique tools and features to keep people interested in the brand you’re trying to build. For example, Facebook groups and Instagram stories are great places to post branded content.


Add employment brand content to your Home page, Job Seekers’ pages, Blog, Job Board AND job postings.


Press releases can be an effective way to build your brand and draw more great candidates to you. From a branding standpoint, the challenge is to create newsworthy stories (not just pitch job openings). PR can be used to:

  • promote job fairs;
  • show off awards you’ve won;
  • announce a new office or recruiting center opening;
  • tell inspiring stories about people you’ve placed; and
  • promote community service your team has performed.

5(b). Bringing your brand to your audience.


Headed to a job fair, career discovery day or other recruiting event? Bring along those printed materials and play video content on a laptop or monitor.

Employee advocacy.

Employees who are advocates for your firm bring your branded content to a larger audience and position themselves as the voice of the organization. They can humanize your brand, increase your brand engagement with potential new candidates, and can act as defenders of your company’s reputation (both digitally and in the real world). To create an effective program:

  • Ensure internal alignment. Make sure everyone in your organization:
  • Understands your mission, vision and employment branding objectives.
  • Knows why your staffing firm is special and a great place to work.
  • Understands your communication best- practices and policies.
  • Clarify what you want employees to communicate (i.e., make sure they know your company “elevator pitch”), as well as how to communicate responsibly, especially on social platforms.
  • Simplify content sharing. Use social sharing tools to share brand content:
  • Platforms like Buffer and Dlvr.It allows employees to connect their social accounts and add feeds to share. The downside is that the employee must set it up and maintain it.
  • NetSocial allows you to set your entire team up for sharing from one place. Simply provide all of your employees, even your temporary employees, with an account. They connect their social media account and decide what content they want to share, maintaining control over their social presence. Your marketing team implements the brand content plan and sharing calendar across the entire company, adding feeds, and creating posts as needed.

Up Next: Using Content to Drive Your Employment Brand Part 6: Next-Level Ideas to Build Your Brand

Our final post in the series will give you some next-level ideas to help build your brand. Don’t want to wait? Check out the full ebook here!

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