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SMART IDEAS Summit 2 Presentation Spotlight: Recruitment Marketing Masterclass

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It’s time for the SMART IDEAS Summit 2!

Today’s summit is 100% free! And there’s still time to RESERVE YOUR SEAT TODAY.

Presentations start at 9:00, and the day-long educational summit is designed exclusively for staffing and recruiting professionals. You’ll hear 20-minute TED-talk-style presentations from the smartest minds in the staffing industry (including Barry Asin, Art Papas, Chris Dyer and Eric Gregg). The SMART IDEAS Summit 2 is geared to help staffing firms drive sales, improve recruiting, and “Get Ready for Anything” in this unpredictable economy.

But that’s not all! To round out the all-star line-up, leaders and subject matter experts from our own team will offer inspiration, insights, and tactics to help your firm thrive in today’s tough labor market.

Presentation Spotlight: Recruitment Marketing Masterclass

In today’s tough hiring environment, it’s difficult to get people to apply to your open jobs. It’s even harder to get the right people. At 4:30 ET, co-CEO David Searns and Director of Recruitment Marketing Matt Lozar will dig into everything that goes into getting the RIGHT people to click APPLY on your open jobs.

Here’s a quick overview of their presentation:

With The Great Resignation still in full swing, recruiting continues to prove challenging. The economy might be uncertain, but one thing is clear: You need to be able to attract the talent you need, right now.

How can you reach the qualified talent you’re looking for – and actually get them to apply? In the final presentation of the SMART IDEAS Summit 2, David and Matt will let you in on the secrets to finding the people you want, even in today’s difficult hiring environment. Sharpen your pencil because there will be a lot of ideas you can immediately use to fill more of your open orders!

By attending this session, you’ll learn:

  • Five ways to fix the last mile… and get 2 to 3x MORE website visitors applying to your jobs.
  • Can’t-miss strategies to get more from your job ads and lower your cost per application by 30% or more.
  • Key reasons why most staffing companies FAIL at employment branding – and the simple steps you can take to create a magnet brand for your staffing firm.
  • Our best advice to win the talent wars in 2023 and beyond.

Looking for More Info About the SMART IDEAS Summit 2?

Check out this quick video:

Choose sessions that supercharge your strengths, lead you in exciting new directions – or attend them all! View the agenda and reserve your seat today.

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