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12 Strategies To Improve Your Site’s Performance (Part 2 of 2)

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We are wrapping up our two-part series based on the infographic: Staffing Website Strategy. The last 6 strategies will give you some more ideas on how you can get your site’s performance to reach its peak and how you can drive responses from candidates and clients.

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7. Expand Your CTAs

Maximize the response to your site’s CTAs by spacing them out so they don’t overwhelm your design. Vary the design and format, and use action-oriented language (“Find your dream job!”)

8. Write Less…but Better!

Your candidates and clients are busy. They need you to get to the point – quickly. Clarify your core messaging and shorten copy on top-level pages. Try putting in-depth content on subpages (where it’s ideal for SEO).

9. Design for Response

Make sure your site employs a clean, intuitive layout. Use great imagery and photos that stand out. Use bold colors and shapes in your CTAs to make it clear what employers and job seekers should do next.

10. Think Beyond Responsive Design

Driving conversions across multiple devices goes beyond adjusting for various screen sizes. Add a quick-action bar to your mobile site; customize the bar to include the most important actions visitors can take, including contacting you, applying, or requesting talent.

11. Improve SEO Strategy

Conduct keyword research and perform on-page SEO to make your site rank well. Add fresh, original, and relevant content to your site. And keep people on your site longer by recommending related content, sharing on social, and investing in pay-per-click advertising.

12. Use Data to Make Decisions

Use tools like Google Analytics and the ROI dashboard to examine key performance indicators and leverage those insights to make data-driven decisions on further improving your site.

Moving Forward

This just is just the start of making your website more engaging to employers and job seekers.  I hope that you found these strategies valuable, and if you would like the full guide, you can download it here: Cheatsheet: Staffing Website Strategies

To learn more about any of our services or brainstorm ideas specifically to help your firm, contact us at 1.888.696.2900 or [email protected].

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