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Drive Greater ROI From Your Staffing Firm’s Automation Platform: Part 1 – Take Your Road Test

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Smart Automation Checklist 

Many staffing firms have adopted automation platforms to automate process and engagement tasks and give recruiters more time to focus on A-level tasks.  

Automation sounds simple: create a workflow, turn it on…and save time, make money, and never have to deal with that pesky process again, right? 

Well, not exactly.  

An automation platform can save your recruiters’ time and make money for your firm, but to do so, it needs attention. Think of your platform like a car—but not just any car. It’s a high-performing racecar, capable of going fast, covering incredible distances, landing in the winner’s circle—and looking good while doing it.  

And that’s exactly what you want for your firm!

To create efficient, high-performing workflows that boost your bottom line and improve your employer brand. But without the right fuel, the right maintenance, and the right crew—you aren’t going anywhere. 

Fortunately, our Haley Marketing automation pit crew is familiar with the road ahead of you. We know what you need to gain traction, blow past obstacles, and get true ROI from your automation platform.  

So buckle up! Then use this checklist to assess your firm’s position on the road to automation victory: 

Take Your Road Test 

(Reminder: This is a checklist. Make sure to answer yes or no to each question.) 


  • Do you have the time to learn the basics of marketing automation and your platform? 
  • Do you have the time to build, test, and optimize workflows? 


  • Do you have a dedicated owner/operator/manager to operate the platform? 
  • Is that person free from other responsibilities (like billable work)? 
  • Will that individual be able to operate the platform on a consistent basis? 

Marketing AND Technology Expertise 

  • Does your platform operator have the marketing knowledge to promote your staffing firm effectively? 
  • Does your platform operator have the technical skills to build, test, and optimize effective workflows? 

Documented Processes 

  • Does your staffing firm have documented recruiting, hiring, redeployment, reactivation, and sales processes? 
  • Do your employees follow those documented processes? 
  • Does your platform operator understand your candidates’ experiences and pain points? 
  • Does your platform operator understand your clients’ experiences and pain points? 
  • Can you use your documented processes to find gaps and opportunities for automated workflows? 

Documented Strategy 

  • Do you know what you are trying to accomplish with marketing automation? 
  • Do you have documented SMART goals? 
  • Do you know what marketing automation success looks like for your staffing firm? 


  • Do you have automation buy-in on every level of your staffing firm, from CEO to recruiter? 
  • Do you have realistic expectations for seeing ROI from your workflows? 
  • Are you prepared to build, launch, AND improve workflows to achieve results? 

Platform Set-Up 

  • Do you have your branding guidelines or templates set up for your automation? 
  • Do you have users assigned and created? 
  • Do the appropriate people have permission? 
  • Are your ATS fields and other settings syncing? 
  • Have you set up default emails for responses? 
  • Have you created blackout periods to ensure you aren’t contacting candidates and clients at inconvenient times? 

Up Next: Inspect Your Vehicles & Check Your Gauges

In our next post, we will discuss topics such as databases, current automation, and reporting/ROI.  Can’t wait till next week? Don’t worry you can download the Smart Automation Checklist here.


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