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Reflections on My New QA Job at Haley Marketing

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To be quite honest, I am very new to Haley Marketing and our DevOps team. However, I could not be happier working with people who take such pride in their work and ensure quality in their services.

Pertaining to my job so far, I specifically focus on quality assurance. My job is to make sure that any and all software products that we provide to the staffing industry are built to the highest standards.

So, what does a QA Analyst do?

Throughout my day, my top priority is to go through all client-facing tasks to provide answers to their questions about our Career Portal, Talent Showcase, NetSocial and other SaaS products as quickly as possible. Even though I might not always have an immediate resolution, I do the research to ensure that I give our Success team accurate and essential information to address each client’s concern.

But answering questions is just a small part of my job. As a QA Analyst, my primary role is to develop testing procedures to find software bugs. Through a combination of AI, automation, and old-fashioned elbow grease, I do a lot of software testing.

Our core SaaS products for staffing agencies have millions of lines of code, and every change we make and new release we deploy requires testing. Using tools like Relicx, we are using AI to identify and “squash the bugs” before they are released into production (the live version of our software that our clients use).

Now, no software testing process is foolproof, and much as I hate this, the occasional bug does get by. Or someone comes up with a use case that we never anticipated. One of the things I have most impressed with about my team at Haley Marketing is their radical transparency. When something goes wrong, we own it. We’re honest about what happened. And we work to solve the issue as quickly as we can—and with as little disruption to our clients as possible.

My job is also about constantly learning.

One of the things I was pleasantly surprised to learn is how dynamic the staffing industry is. Confession: I knew almost nothing about temp staffing and direct hire recruiting before coming to Haley Marketing, but I’m truly impressed and inspired by how much technology is in the staffing industry.

And I am really excited about the role our products play in helping put people to work. Did you know:

  • That we processed more than 4.1 million job applications for our clients in 2022?
  • That our Career Portal now integrates with 46 ATS platforms and other technologies?
  • Or that we sent out more than 39 million newsletters, top candidates, and hot job emails?

And that’s not all, we also shared nearly 250,000 pieces of content via NetSocial for our clients!

Part of the fun I have discovered in my job is the need to stay current on all the things our clients are doing. From AI and automation in staffing to understanding what staffing salespeople and recruiters actually do, I’ve had a blast learning about the industry we serve, and then developing technology ideas to help our team and our clients do their jobs more efficiently. I’ve also learned that one of Haley Marketing’s values is “Good isn’t good enough,” and I’m constantly seeing ways we can improve as a company and I can improve personally.

Change equals opportunity.

Technology is advancing at an exponential pace, and many of our clients expect to see constant changes to improve their client and candidate experience. As a QA Analyst, I’m excited about the impact I can have to bring innovative ideas—and bug-free code—to the products and services Haley Marketing provides to help drive staffing sales and recruiting.

To finish off, let me close with one of my favorite company values (that’s also a benefit of working with Haley Marketing). We stand by our Rule of 3’s: Everything we do must be good for the client. Good for our team members. And good for our company. This win-win-win attitude helps us develop world-class software and great relationships with the companies we serve.

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