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50 Reasons to Visit 50 Clients: 2024 Edition

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Open a staffing time capsule with me:

Check out “50 Reasons to Visit 50 Clients” (posted in 2012).

Back then, the idea of picking up timesheets in person or dropping off paychecks by hand sounded perfectly reasonable. Today? Depending on how long you’ve been on this planet, relationship-building ideas like these may seem nostalgic – or just plain ridiculous.

This brings me to the reason for this post: We had a recent spike in traffic to the 2012 “50 Reasons” list (which makes sense, given the sales challenges the staffing industry faces), so I reread it and realized an update was in order.

How do we translate this wisdom into practical client visit ideas for 2024?

Armed with lessons from the past and a keen eye on the future, here is our updated list:

50 reasons to visit (or virtually check in with) your clients in 2024

(Topped with a touch of innovation and a commitment to deepening those crucial relationships.)

Evergreen Strategies from 2012

First, let’s dive back into that 2012 treasure chest, shall we?

Sure, there are a few ideas that haven’t aged well. But surprisingly, amid the relics of the past, some gems still sparkle with relevance: the importance of relationship-building, the art of personal touches, and the power of showing genuine appreciation. These core tenets of client engagement have stood the test of time, proving that even in an era dominated by digital communication, the human element can never be replaced.

To start our 2024 list, here are 5 standout ideas from 2012 that have stood the test of time:

  1. Schedule an Annual Staffing Strategy Session: An oldie but goodie! A face-to-face or virtual sit-down to plan the year ahead can make your clients feel like you’re truly in their corner.
  2. Conduct a Talent Audit: Offer to analyze their current talent pool and future needs. It’s like being their recruitment guardian angel.
  3. Introduce New Services or Niche Specialties: Whether it’s in-person or via a sleek video presentation, showing clients your new tricks keeps the relationship fresh and exciting.
  4. Deliver Useful Information: Share an insightful article, report (or video or podcast). Be clients’ go-to source for industry news and trends (and share your takeaways), making their lives easier and smarter.
  5. Survey Senior Decision Makers: A quick survey or a thoughtful conversation can give you priceless insights into their challenges and how you can swoop in as their problem-solver.

Now, let’s build on this evergreen list with modern strategies and tactics to stay in front of clients:

Adapting to Modern Work Dynamics

  1. Offer to co-host a webinar on the future of work.
  2. Present a virtual staffing solution demo (perfect for new services or niche specialties that might be right for a client).
  3. Conduct a virtual tour of your recruitment tech stack.
  4. Share insights on leveraging AI for more efficient hiring. (Yes, you should be embracing AI in 2024).
  5. Hold a Zoom workshop on remote hiring best practices.
  6. Discuss strategies for managing a hybrid workforce.
  7. Provide a personalized digital onboarding package for new hires.

Elevating the Client Experience

  1. Demo ways you could use AR/VR for immersive job preview experiences.
  2. Share data insights on candidate behavior and market trends.
  3. Deliver a personalized video message from your CEO.
  4. Give your clients a “peek behind the curtain” with a snazzy video or Instagram stories series that showcases the elbow grease and heart you put into finding their perfect candidate.
  5. Offer a virtual reality tour of your client’s office to prospective hires.
  6. Co-create a branded recruitment marketing campaign.
  7. Send a custom AI-generated report on improving their talent pipeline.

Sustaining Relationships Through Technology

  1. Host a virtual “Lunch & Learn” series.
  2. Offer digital “Thank You” notes with interactive elements.
  3. Implement a client portal to provide real-time project updates.
  4. Launch a podcast featuring interviews with industry leaders, including clients.
  5. Provide HR professionals with access to an exclusive online community.
  6. Conduct an annual digital feedback survey to adapt your services (and share the results).

Celebrating and Giving Thanks

  1. Celebrate client milestones with a video montage from their team and yours.
  2. Organize a virtual team-building event for both your teams.
  3. Curate a digital care package for new client contacts.
  4. Acknowledge client achievements in your newsletters or on your platforms.
  5. Send bespoke gifts crafted by local artisans, with a virtual meet-the-creator session.

Innovating Together

  1. Collaborate on a pilot program for cutting-edge recruitment technologies.
  2. Hold a brainstorming session for creative staffing solutions.
  3. Share beta versions of new digital tools for early feedback.
  4. Invite key clients to an exclusive roundtable on industry innovations.
  5. Partner for a case study on a successful placement or project.

Nurturing Growth and Learning

  1. Offer subscriptions to online courses relevant to their industry.
  2. Provide insights from talent market analysis specific to their needs.
  3. Facilitate introductions to thought leaders and influencers.
  4. Share curated YouTube content playlists on topics of mutual interest.
  5. Sponsor a client’s attendance at a prestigious online conference.

Peppered with Modern Flair

  1. Virtual Coffee Breaks: Who said you can’t have a heart-to-heart over coffee virtually?
  2. Dive into how AI can transform their staffing process with a personalized report.
  3. Share a client success story through an engaging video or an interactive webpage. Stories stick, especially the ones with happy endings.
  4. Host a workshop to help an employer polish their online brand.
  5. Be your client’s guide in demoing the latest and greatest in recruitment tech.

Just Because It Feels Good

  1. Create a personalized Spotify playlist to brighten a client’s day.
  2. Celebrate Client Wins on Social Media: Shout from the digital rooftops about their achievements. Nothing beats public praise.
  3. Virtual Awards for Top Performers: Host a mini-ceremony to celebrate their star employees. It shows you care beyond the contract.
  4. Send M&Ms or cookies in your client’s brand colors to thank them for a recent order.
  5. Go Low-Tech: Yes, even in 2024, a handwritten note or a thoughtful, unexpected call can make someone’s day. Sometimes, the simplest gestures have the most significant impact.

Wow – you’re still reading? Look at you go. Since you’re still here, I’d love to get your input: What other ideas from the original “50 Reasons to Visit 50 Clients” do you feel are still relevant? Drop a comment below.

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