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50 Reasons to Visit 50 Clients

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50 Reasons to Visit 50 Clients

Staffing is cyclical. When things get tough, it’s the ideal time to ask yourself: “Will I be among the first to recover or one of the last?”

The choice is yours. Right now, many of the people who could become your future clients are not using staffing services. As business picks up, they’re going to need people. Who do you think they’ll call? A former vendor. The first name they see in in Google search results. The sales rep who just happens to be in the right place at the right time. Or, more likely, they will call the company they believe will be best able to fill their needs.

Wouldn’t you like to be that company? It’s really not hard to put yourself at the top of the call list–if you start nurturing relationships right now. It’s time to get yourself in front of more companies, more often and in a more positive manner than your competition. Forget the “make 100 cold calls this week” routine. Instead, think about building relationships – find 100 ways to add value this week.

To get you half way there, I present you with a list of 50 reasons to visit 50 clients. I hope it helps!

Provide a little proactive service

  1. Schedule an annual staffing strategy planning session.
  2. Create a job profile for future hiring needs.
  3. Offer to teach hiring managers how to conduct behavioral interviews.
  4. Profile the needs and preferences of hiring managers at a client site.
  5. Conduct an audit of staffing practices and offer to provide free suggestions for improvement.
  6. Introduce a new service or specialty niche.

Use traditional service tasks as reasons to visit

  1. Pick up time sheets from the department managers.
  2. Drop off pay checks.
  3. Schedule on site reviews of your temporary employees’ performance.
  4. Gather new information about clients to update your orientation programs.
  5. Take a tour of an existing customer’s facility.
  6. Schedule introductory meetings with other department heads.
  7. Gently roll-out a rate change with an in-person visit.
  8. Introduce other team members to the client.
  9. Handle a collection call in person.
  10. Introduce a new testing program and its benefits.

Deliver useful information

  1. Provide usage reports.
  2. Share an article from a business publication.
  3. Provide an educational article or seminar to help clients use staffing to drive profits.
  4. Share a story of local interest.
  5. Follow-up on an article you’ve sent with some useful implementation ideas.
  6. Hold a temp focus group and share their perspective with your clients.
  7. Send monthly “laundry lists” of exceptional candidates.

Say “Thank You”

  1. Send a thank you card or e-mail.
  2. Drop off a small gift to the HR manager who calls.
  3. Bring a flower to the gatekeeper you’re trying to get past.
  4. Take the financial manager to lunch to discuss ways to improve profits in 2002.
  5. Hold a customer appreciation party.
  6. Have the CEO write a personal letter of thanks.
  7. Find out the birthday of your primary contact and send an online card.

Have some fun

  1. Bring some candy or donuts to share.
  2. Celebrate the client’s anniversary with a lunch party.
  3. Celebrate the success of a temporary with an on-site award presentation.
  4. Hold a best staffing success story contest.
  5. Pick a holiday to celebrate (or make up your own holiday) and create a special promotion.
  6. Give someone a smile. Send them a joke.
  7. Take a customer to a sporting event, concert, or professional meeting.
  8. During National Temporary Staffing week, drop off a carnation (or other small gift) with a thank you note to each temporary at his or her work site.

Collect market research

  1. Survey senior decision makers about hiring needs.
  2. Survey hiring managers about challenges of hiring.
  3. Survey HR about the strengths and weaknesses of staffing firms.
  4. Collect “best practices” stories from HR managers and share the top 10 ideas.
  5. Hold an HR focus group about staffing and/or hiring challenges.

Find creative ways to keep in-touch

  1. Send a postcard from the tropics saying “Wish we were here” (of course, tell them how your services can help them get there).
  2. Create a series of drop off items, giving you reasons to go back each day or week.
  3. Have a courier service deliver an article, gift or invitation.
  4. Start an e-newsletter with information that would be valuable to your customers.
  5. Select a “temp of the month” for recognition and present an award at the client’s site.
  6. Whenever a client has a PR piece published, send a congratulatory card.
  7. Try a “letter from camp” email to get that person who won’t return your calls to pick up the phone. If you want to see a sample, drop me an e-mail: [email protected].
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