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Bradley Reed

Digital Media Specialist

Get to know

Bradley Reed

Bradley comes to Haley Marketing with an MBA from St. Bonaventure University and undergraduate degrees in Marketing and Finance from the University of Pittsburgh. Bradley prides himself on his ability to think not only analytically, but also from different perspectives and outside the box, in order to provide best results for clients. His various experiences have allowed him to become fluent in areas such as online advertising, digital marketing, and data analysis. He was inspired to work for Haley Marketing after learning of all the impressive work they do for their clients, and the valuable resources they create that are available for others. Outside of the office, Bradley enjoys spending his time traveling, playing soccer, basketball, and golf, and eating delicious food with his friends and family.

My older brother. He is passionate about his job, his life and family, and is committed to making a better life for everyone around him.

Plus he has fun while he achieves all this!

Go into each day with a positive attitude no matter what it brings. You never know what day could be the one that you look back on as the day that changed your life!

Listening to Frank Sinatra and having a glass of wine whenever I cook dinner!