Shira Boyle

Marketing Support Specialist

Shira Boyle

Shira spent nine years as an English teacher and brings her dedication to helping others and handling difficult situations to Haley Marketing Group.  As a former educator, Shira is an excellent multi-tasker who can complete multiple projects under strict deadlines.  Though Shira is new to the marketing world, her customer service and organization skills, as well as her desire to problem-solve for others, translate readily into her position as a Marketing Support Specialist.  Outside of work, Shira loves spending time with her daughter exploring new places or even just running around on a playground.  Having been born overseas, Shira loves traveling and has spent time all over the United States and Europe; she is hoping to continue these travels and explorations with her daughter.

Any of my family's whitewater rafting trips.

Health, family, a fantastic team, love.

Raising my girls.

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