Krzysztof Pabian

Web Design/Development Consultant

Krzysztof Pabian

Krzysztof brings experience from working as a lead designer, developer and managing executive in staffing agencies before joining Haley Marketing. His multiple degrees and extensive experience in the staffing industry, brings a powerful combination to help Haley teams to conceptualize and develop highly functional, visually appealing websites that boost ROI by attracting targeted visitors and facilitating online interaction resulting in resume submittals and lead generation. Besides coding, Krzysztof spend most of his time playing bass and going to the hockey games and swimming meets with his sons.

Be aware of what's surrounding you, and try to leave a good impact on the people that surround you.

Traveling through Europe with the symphony orchestra in my youth.

Apocalypto. I love the story, the scenery, the way it was shot and the fact that it was in all dialogue is in a modern approximation of the ancient language of the setting.

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