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Cassie Hodge

Project Manager

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Cassie Hodge

Cassie has a combination of backgrounds including not for profit, manufacturing, and marketing. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations from SUNY Fredonia and an Associate’s degree in Graphic Design from Bryant and Stratton. These two degrees have allowed her to find her way to Haley Marketing’s door where she offers strong communication skills, a creative outlook, and a growing love for project management. You can always find a good old fashion to-do list on Cassie’s desk and bag of candy in the top drawer. When not working, Cassie can be found taking advantage of her baby’s nap time by binge watching trash tv on Bravo. www.linkedin.com/in/cassandra-hodge

I have a fraternal twin sister

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  1. Say what you mean
  2. Never go to bed angry
  3. Eat the cake