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Susan Wurst

Director of Account Management

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Susan Wurst

Susan is excited to combine her passion for providing shareworthy customer service with her 25+ years staffing industry experience into her role as Director of Account Management. She feels that building trusted relationships with her customers is the key to helping them succeed. Having a customer tell her that she made a difference in their business is the highest compliment she can receive. Born and raised in Minnesota (you betcha), she dislikes the snow and cold and travels to warm climates whenever she can. When not traveling, she spends her spare time baking, watching her son’s sporting events and researching for her next trip.

I worked at a Pizza/arcade place in the restaurant. Part of my job involved putting on a clown costume and dancing for the children's birthday parties.

I talk to people and help them be happy.

Teleportation. How cool would it be to be able to travel and never have to fly commercial?