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Linda Sorrells-Smith

Project Manager

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Linda Sorrells-Smith

Linda has experience in a variety of professional contexts—including the retail, education, technology and scientific industries. She has taken on the development of advertising campaigns for web, multimedia, radio and print. She has also successfully produced annual reports, training program materials, web site designs, retail signage, exhibition displays, and implemented other communication methods unique to client specific situations and audiences. With a strong focus on branding, Linda has helped guide clients or individuals to present themselves to their audience or the world stage with intent and purpose. Establishing paths that help others identify and define goals, is an integral part of how she helps others communicate who they are to garner the results they need. Linda’s role as a Project Manager at Haley Marketing Group offers her the opportunity to help clients in the Staffing and Recruiting industry deliver results that meet goals, create conversions, and grow their business.

I don't make rules, as they create inflexibility and stifle the desire for change.

A glass of 120 year old bourbon. It will never be replicated. Yes, it was a meal, it was THAT good.

Trying to create and get my work in a gallery.