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Christopher Alerta

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Christopher Alerta

Hello, I’m Christopher, but you can certainly call me CJ. I’ve been producing content for almost a decade before joining HMG. Lately, however, I have been focusing on SEO and digital marketing, which I both find to be both exciting and fulfilling. I am so looking forward to joining HMG to expand my skill set and help the company even more so. Born and raised in Manila, I’m also a fashion or wardrobe stylist during my free time. I have an absolutely adorable dog named Shawnie who has been with me for eight years, and counting!

I'm also a fashion/wardrobe stylist.

There is beauty in adversity. The same can be said during times when you are inconvenienced. Go through them until you find the silver lining!

Any book from Gillian Flynn or Paula Hawkins. I absolute adore unreliable narrators!