Daryl Onil Keemer Bautista

Daryl Onil Keemer Bautista

Application Developer/Analyst

Daryl Onil Keemer Bautista

Onil Bautista is the newest member of our DevOps team as a Analyst/Developer. He is an outsourced resource from Manila, Philippines.

Before joining Haley Marketing, he was a Senior App Developer and a front end sub lead for MetroBank, one of the Philippines’ largest banks. He assisted in the development of a revamped client-side application for the bank’s key customer transactions. As a sub lead, he also makes important decisions for the team, such as establishing best practices, designing base components that can be utilized across the entire application, and assisting with the code reviews.

I love traveling and going outdoors. But I have been used to being at home for 2 years due to the pandemic. I'd love to go hiking at least once or twice this year

Appreciate the smallest things and NO MATTER WHAT, things get better, cliché but true

"Working hard for something we don't care about is called stress: Working hard for something we love is called passion." - Simon Sinek

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