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Ask Haley: What is the best content for an e-mail newsletter?

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Q: I am thinking of starting an e-mail newsletter. Trouble is, I have no idea what type of content I should include. What are your recommendations?

A: People receive so many e-mails per day, so what will make them take the time to read your newsletter? The answer is content! Content is extremely important when creating an e-newsletter. It’s what keeps clients or candidates interested and looking forward to your next issue. And (if you read our last Ask Haley), an e-newsletter is a great way to stay top-of-mind with clients, prospects and candidates.

Here are a few of our top recommendations for content:


  1. Content that gets personal. It’s almost impossible to connect with all of your clients, prospects and candidates on a 1:1 basis–as often as you like. This is why e-mail is such a great tool–it allows you to regularly stay in touch with your contacts in a personal way.

    To give your newsletter a personal touch, we recommend that you incorporate a personal note somewhere in your e-mail newsletter. The note can introduce featured content, offer company news or just say “Hi”

  2. Content that educates. The best content is that which educates. Teach your clients more about when, where and how to use staffing. Show them how your services can solve their problems. By educating, you position yourself as an expert and trusted resource.
  3. Content that provides updates on industry news and events. The average person does not have the time to read every industry newsletter and publication. On the other hand, people need to stay connected to what is going on in their industry. Some of our clients have found success by providing links to the top five or so news stories in their industry. This type of content shows prospects that you understand their business.
  4. Content that makes people feel connected to your organization. An e-mail newsletter is a great way to share interesting news about your organization. Has someone just completed a marathon? Is your organization participating in a charity event? Do you have a temporary worker of the month? Has someone on your team recently been promoted? All of these achievements are worth mentioning.

    Keeping contacts in the loop is one way of helping them feel a part of your firm and once again, adds that personal element to your e-mail.

  5. Content that solicits feedback. Want to find out why your prospects and clients choose one staffing company over another? Or how about what they do to keep their best and brightest employees from jumping ship? Just ask! Conducting surveys and offering other interactive features that allow your contacts to participate in a dialogue with you is another great way to keep people interested.

    And don’t forget. No matter what content you choose, keep it short and keep it relevant!

These are just some of the ways our clients are using content in their e-mail marketing. If you want more ideas, or if you have questions about e-mail marketing, contact us.

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