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Multiple relationship building tactics critical to staffing

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I had a great conversation today with Eric Gregg, CEO of the Inavero Institute for Service Research.  Eric’s firm conducted a major study of staffing buyers to uncover some of the reasons why and how employers buy staffing services.

Among the findings was that those employers who were involved in multiple relationship-building activities (monthly contact, site visits, etc.) were significantly more likely to recommend their primary staffing firm.  In fact the “average willingness to recommend” increased by more than 50% as the number of contact points per month increased from 1 to 4.  (Download the report summary)

So what does this mean for you?  Great service is not enough! You need multiple channels of communication to nurture relationships, including calls, site visits, email and direct mail. Ideally, these communications will reinforce your value proposition, educate, add value, and help you nurture relationships. 

Hey, that exactly what we help staffing companies do!

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