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Staffing Social Media: Video On Twitter Best Practices

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Interested in experimenting with Twitter? This video offers a general overview of some best practices to consider when Tweeting.

For Staffing and Recruiting Agencies, here are some specific suggestions when starting out on Twitter:

  • Twitter Basics
    – Be polite
    – Make friends
    – Start Conversations
    – Ask and Answer Questions
  • Determine Your Goals for Twitter
    Decide what your true goals really are.  While just gaining a bit of publicity and name recognition can be a good thing, you should really shoot higher.  Are you interested in driving more candidates to your job postings?  Would you like to be seen as a thought leader by local HR professionals?  Defining your goals up front can help you become much more focused and provide better “tweets” to your followers.
  • Follow the Right People on Twitter
    Search for people that are already discussing the topics that interest you and begin following them.  Join in on conversations when relevant.  Ask questions, provide feedback, and contribute helpful information.  Look for people that post updates about local business, seek our specialists in your industry, find other recruiters, and begin following HR experts.  Before you know it you’ll not only find a wealth of helpful information from the people you’re following, but you’ll begin building your own list of followers.
  • Share Relevant Information with your Twitter Followers
    Do people really care what you had for breakfast this morning?  Probably not.  While sharing personal information once in a while can help you build more personal relationships on Twitter, don’t make it your core focus.  Instead share helpful and relevant information that your followers will appreciate. Here are a few examples:
    – Updates on HR Laws and Legislation
    – Hiring and Interviewing Best Practices
    – Job Search Tips
    – Local Salary Information
    – Local Business News and Updates
    – Profiles of Your Top Available Candidates
    – Top Available Job Openings
    – The list could go on and on but I’m sure you get the picture!
  • What Not to Do on Twitter
    Once you make a post, that information is available to the public.  Don’t say anything you will regret or anything that could tarnish your image.  So you may want to consider tableing the foul language, derogatory comments, negativity and youthful exploits.

If you would like to discuss getting started on Twitter or ways to leverage other Social Networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, Plaxo, LinkedIn and others please email me at [email protected].

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