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Using Social Networks to Recruit Candidates — and Find a Job

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A recent article posted on CIO.com, details how many people are now turning to Social Networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to find jobs as opposed to the major job boards.

While Social Networks aren’t going to put Monster and CareerBuilder out of business anytime soon, it is an interesting trend.  So what does it mean for you?

In order to have a well-rounded recruiting strategy, Staffing Agencies and Recruiters need to embrace Social Media.  Here’s how you can start:

1. Become more active in LinkedIn: I’m sure you already have a LinkedIn profile (if not, you need one!).  But just having an account isn’t enough, you need to become active in local or industry specific groups.  Seek out and join a variety of groups and networks and begin sharing relevant and helpful information.  This can focus around job search tips, networking advice, industry news and updates, salary information, etc.  By doing this you will position yourself as a thought leader and career expert. 

2. Create a Facebook and/or MySpace company page: Facebook is set to hit 200 million users and just passed MySpace to become the largest Social Networking site.  Companies can now create corporate pages and even post their open positions through custom Facebook applications.  Post helpful job search tips, resume best practices and information about local job fairs and other events. 

In order to build your network, send an email invitation to all your current employees.  Invite all new applicants to join your Facebook network.  You could even have a temporary employee that’s not on assignment cross reference your current candidate database against Facebook and directly invite applicants to join your network.

3.  Build a Twitter Following: In order to be effective on Twitter you need to have a large following, and also provide frequent updates.  Once you have a nice following of local job seekers, your recruiters could post open assignments and promote your referral bonus program as a way to solicit referrals.  Interested in learning more about Twitter?  Here is a great video: Staffing Social Media: Twitter Best Practices.

If you would like to discuss more ways you can begin to leverage social media, please feel free to contact me directly at [email protected] or 888-696-2900.  We would be happy to help you develop a presence on Social Networks and provide the content to position you as a thought leader in your market.


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