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Free Job Posting Resources for Staffing Firms

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Last week I listened in on our first guest webinar in our Lunch with Haley series.  The topic was Cybermarketing, and it was hosted by Mark Berger, an Internet sourcing guru.  I learned a ton of great info, but I wanted to bring to your attention three free resources that you may not be using to post jobs (that I did not know about prior to the call).

  1. MySpace – I know what you’re thinking…with all the Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook buzz, MySpace seems to have taken a back seat.  And isn’t this site meant to be a free-for-all for teens?  Think again.  Did you know that the average age of a MySpace user is 35 years old and that there are 120 million users, and climbing?  You can “post an ad” on MySpace classified and expect a ton of hits.  Berger put it this way, “You’re crazy if your don’t post an ad to MySpace.”
  2. GoogleBaseGoogle Base is a free Google service that helps you publish virtually any kind of information, such as job postings.  Your item will fall into one of several categories based on its content. This category determines which Google property will display your item.  You can submit one job at a time or upload several at a time from a spreadsheet.  Users can sort by location, zip code, company, job function, etc.
  3. CraigsList.org – Again you’re thinking, isn’t craigslist for selling old furniture or finding an apartment?  To my surprise, the website is another great place to post a job (notice it is .org and not .com).  Berger explained that this site produced more hits than Monster and a little less than Career Builder for a job that he posted to all three sites.
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