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Ask Haley: Drive traffic to your blog

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Q: How does one drive traffic to their blog spot?
–Shirley, Senior Professional Recruiter
A: There are several ways to help drive traffic to your blog, but the first–and most important–is building the amount of relevant and useful content you provide.

Once you have a collection of good and relevant content, here are a few other strategies:

  1. Review blogs that offer content similar to your site. Provide feedback and comments that add to the conversation. Many bloggers allow a link back to your blog (some won’t). 
  2. Optimize your blog posts for Search Engines. Many blogging software platforms provide tools to help you optimize your blog posts. For example, you can customize the title of the page, use keywords in the URL, edit the description and add keywords to your meta data. Adding keywords to these areas will help your blog posts rank higher in search results (and in turn, increase traffic to your blog). Also, be sure to use keywords in the title of each post. Many bloggers try to be too cute and catchy with their post titles instead of using more appropriate titles with relevant keywords. 
  3. Join social networks. Build your following/network and provide links to your information. For example, if you have blog posts that are relevant and helpful for HR Professionals or other recruiters, join those groups on sites like LinkedIn and share a link to your post. Twitter can also be a great way to drive more traffic to your blog by announcing your new posts and providing a link back. 
  4. Make the most of your newsletter.  If you have an e-newsletter, feature related content that can be found on your blog, and link back to it.

These are just a few tips to help get you started. If you would like more information and other suggestions, please take a look at our blog at: http://www.haleymarketing.com. There are a number of great ideas to help improve search rankings, drive more traffic to your website and other marketing best practices.

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