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Staffing blog drives traffic to website

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I recently had a client add a blog to their website.  The client is using the blog to announce industry news, company events, career advice, and even job postings. 

This month we added several blog post links to their e-newsletter.  Obviously we expected some increase in their clicks because there were more links but we had no idea it would be this successful…

  • The number of clicks on their candidate newsletter increased over 300% from the previous month!
  • Their website which was getting about 25 clicks per day saw that number jump to 555 on the day their mailing was sent!
  • In three or four days after the mailing was sent, over 1,500 visitors were driven to the website!  And the best part is that almost 75% of those people are “new” visitors.

Here is a screen shot of their Google Analytics account showing the dramatic spike in website traffic.  Google Analytics is a great tool to determine how well your marketing tactics drive traffic to your website.



If you would like more information on adding a blog or Google Analytics to your site please contact Haley Marketing at 1-888-696-2900.

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