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Staffing Case Studies: How to Convey Your True Value

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“We provide better customer service”
“We do whatever it takes to make our clients happy”
“We are a partner with our clients”

These are typical responses I hear when I ask staffing owners the question “What makes you different from the competition?”  For many of my clients, these claims are actually true–they do go above and beyond and provide outstanding customer service.  The problem however, lies in the fact that everyone tries to differentiate themselves by making the same claims–but few firms have actual proof.  Not to mention the fact that these are “we” statements–not “you” statements that show end users the value they will receive.

So what’s the solution, should I stop selling on better customer service?

That really depends on whether or not you actually do provide better service–and more importantly–can you prove you provide better service? 

A well developed case study can be more effective than your run-of-the-mill tri-fold brochure.

One of the best ways to convey the true value your firm provides to the end user is through case studies.  Case studies outline a specific problem, highlight solutions, and provide evidence of actual results.  Case studies also help prospects/clients discover ways they can leverage your services to solve their biggest problems.  Here is a short outline you can use to begin developing great case studies:

  1. Provide background information about the company.  If you don’t want to use names, simply describe the type and size of the company (ex. A mid-sized plastics manufacturer).
  2. Describe the specific problem the company was faced with.  What impact is this problem having on business operations?
  3. Did the company initially try to solve the problem on their own?  Explain how they tried to overcome the issue, and why it didn’t work. 
  4. Describe what prompted the company to try your services.
  5. Outline your suggested solution to the problem.
  6. Review your implementation process.  Were their several steps or stages you went through?
  7. Finally, highlight your results.  Describe how you solved the problem for the client.  Share statistics and other factual evidence that proves the value you provided.  Ask the client for a testimonial that is specific.  Get away from the basic “XYZ Staffing provided great service” and begin compiling factual evidence like “XYZ Staffing helped us decrease overtime costs by 48%” or “After working with XYZ Staffing for 6 months, our productivity increased 25%”. 

If you begin documenting the strategic business issues you solve on a daily basis, selling staffing becomes a much easier process.  You can arm your sales force with proof that your firm has proven experience in solving the same exact problem your prospects face.   After all, what’s more compelling, “better customer service” or “a 24% increase in bottom-line profits”?

P.S. If you’re looking for great ways to present your case studies give us a call at 888-696-2900, we would be happy to help. 



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