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Niche Staffing: Untapped Pools of Talented Candidates

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Companies need to change their thinking and push the envelope if they want to survive and even thrive in this economy.  During the course of the past year, we’ve heard this advice time and time again.  I recently read an article in Workforce Management that gave me insight into several staffing firms that are breaking down barriers.  These staffing firms are going after specific niche candidates, such as working moms, baby boomers, college students, retired individuals and other highly skilled tech and engineering talent.  Such business niches can be a win-win for companies if they are willing to try something new.

Here are examples of three staffing firms that are changing the traditional staffing model—and whose clients are benefiting:

Mom Corps – 94% of the company’s pool of over 25,000 candidates are made up of mothers who left corporate America to spend more time with their kids.  The moms have skills, experience, education and training under their belts—they just don’t want to work a typical 9-5 schedule.  Founder and CEO Allison O’Kelly said that the draw to clients is that “flexibility is currency”, in other words, “If employers offer more flexibly, candidates will view this as one form of payment.  So clients might be able to pay less money for higher talent, or they can access candidates who would not otherwise consider the position.”

The Boomer Group – The Boomer Group places, you guessed it, baby boomers or retired individuals.  They boast that their candidates have business and life experience, maturity, low turnover, and a proven record of results.  For their candidates they offer medical and dental coverage, a benefit that is extremely valued among this age demographic.  CEO Stephanie Klein says, “When I first started, I had the intention of saying that mature people are better workers than younger ones.  Now, we don’t say that all young people have a poor work ethic; we say that for certain key positions, experience counts.  This is our difference.”

CollegeHelpers.com – Although this is not a staffing company but rather a specialty job board, their business model is worth mentioning because it shows you what can happened when you go after a specific niche.  According to Workforce.com, they are “focused entirely on matching employers who want college students for part-time, temporary and seasonal jobs with those students at more than 1,000 institutions across the country.”  There are almost 2,000 employers that currently use the site and for a flat fee they can list as many colleges they’d like.  This low cost of doing business with access to top talent is appealing to companies across the U.S.

The examples in this post can help you stretch your current business model to take profitable advantage of business niches and make it successful for everyone involved!
Some facts found in Workforce.com’s article: “How Clients and Staffing Companies Can Benefit From Unconventional Candidates.”

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