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Ask Haley: Tips on Maintaining Your Blog

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Q: We recently started a blog on our staffing website.  Do you have any tips on what I should be doing to maintain our blog?

A: Congrats on the launch of your new blog!  In our last Idea Club, we covered the advantages of having a blog on your site.  Now that you have one, what do you do with it?  The following are some tips that we share with our clients:

  1. Be consistent.  Set a goal for yourself/your team to post new content on your blog on a regular basis.  A good starting point is two to three new posts per week.  If it helps, outline a list of topics that you’d like to cover.  Remember, posts don’t have to be really long; they just need to provide relevant information.
  2. Write quality headlines.  Make your headline grab a reader’s attention and make sure to use keywords that relate to your business and will help people find you online. 
  3. Speaking of keywords–use them!  While we always recommend writing for the reader first and the search engine second, sprinkle your posts with relevant keywords and phrases that will help your SEO.  Keywords, or search strings, consist of a descriptive word or group of words that people use when searching the Internet for information. Search strings can be general (staffing) or more specific (IT Staffing Firms in San Diego).  Most blog software allow you to add keywords to your page title (the text that appears in the top blue bar on your Internet Browser) and even the URL of your blog post.  Having keywords in these two areas can go a long way in improving your search engine rankings.  (For more information on selecting the right keywords for your firm, check out our free Staffing Website Optimization 101 Guide.)
  4. Include links.  Turn your keywords into links back to your site and it will also help your SEO.  For example, if you’re talking about a specific service in your post, link to the services page on your website.  The more inbound links you have to pages on your website, the more likely you will rank higher in search engines.
  5. Give your blog a personality.  The best blogs are those that are to the point, conversational, lively and interesting.  In a blog you are allowed to keep a sense of humor.  If you keep the tone light and casual you and your staffing company will become more human to prospects, clients and candidates.
  6. Write legibly.  It’s okay to use bullet points and short sentences.  Many people don’t have time to read in detail–instead they skim or read headlines.  Before you post anything, have someone else take a look.  They’ll be able to proof the content and let you know if it makes sense.
  7. Do include images and media.  Pictures and videos will help illustrate your point and make your posts more interesting.
  8. Provide links back to your blog.  Use sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to link back to your posts.  Use other sites such as digg or delicious to archive your posts and make it easy for people to find your site online.
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