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Free Webinar: Email marketing for staffing firms

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Is email marketing dead? With the proliferation of spam, you might think so. But the reality is that email marketing continues to deliver the highest ROI of any marketing tool. The challenge is how do you break through the inbox clutter and really drive response?

Used correctly, email can open doors for your sales reps, boost candidate referrals, and generate instant job orders. And it’s also the least expensive and easiest marketing to test and track results.

In this one-hour presentation, you’ll discover exactly what it takes to create a great email marketing campaign. You’ll see how to determine the best content, frequency and timing for your emails—and how to measure and tweak your campaigns for maximum response.

You will learn:

  • The 4 keys to ensuring a successful email campaign
  • How to produce email content your audience will love
  • The best days of the week to launch your email campaigns
  • How you can use email to generate job orders and candidate referrals
  • How to link email marketing with sales for maximum response
  • 10 strategies for building and growing your email lists

Plus you will see many examples of successful email campaigns designed by Haley Marketing, including ASA award winning marketing.

Webinar Details

Date: Thursday, August 20
Time: 2 pm EST
Cost: FREE!

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About the Presenters

David Searns is the President of Haley Marketing Group and serves as our firm’s chief marketing strategist. David has designed marketing campaigns that have helped Haley Marketing’s clients generate tens of millions of dollars in new revenue.

Brad Smith is a Senior Project Manager at Haley Marketing. Brad has helped design many of the most innovative and effective email campaigns our clients have used.

Todd Lewandowski is a Marketing Advisor at Haley Marketing. He personally manages the implementation of email campaigns for more than 40 of our clients, and he has helped create some of our most successful direct response emails and integration between email and sales.

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