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Demand Rises for Temporary Staffing

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Great news!

According to this article in the Wall Street Journal, temporary staffing just showed big gains in the past two weeks–and the industry has reached its highest level since last year!


If business is truly on the rebound (and we think it is), NOW is the time to get out infront of the increase in demand–and get an edge on your competition.

As employers start to need more temps, who will they call?

  • The company that made the most cold calls?
  • The company that made little or no effort to keep in touch?
  • The company that consistently nurtured relationships, added value, and provided support–even when there were no new job orders?

Easy to see who the winners will be, but are you doing all you can right now to nuture relationships, add value, and keep your firm top-of-mind?

Need some ideas for for nurturing relationships?
Visit the “How to Tips” section of our website for hundreds of ideas.

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