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AAA Labor – Staffing Cost Comparison Worksheet

AAA Labor, an industrial staffing firm in serving the Minneapolis and St. Paul area, was faced with the same problem as many other staffing firms in this economy–companies have drastically scaled back on temporary labor.  In order to overcome this tough obstacle, we needed to provide a compelling reason to use their services in a down economy. 
The staffing cost comparison sell sheet provides a side by side look at the true cost of using a temporary employee from AAA Labor versus a full-time employee (FTE).  Taking into account the cost of fringe benefits and taxes (such as FICA, State and Federal taxes, unemployment, etc.) the true cost of using a temporary employee from AAA Labor could save as much as 25% over a FTE.  And, if companies frequently paid overtime wages, that savings skyrocketed to over 50% in payroll savings. 
Using this sell sheet allows AAA Labor to clearly position their temporary staffing services as a cost-savings tool, instead of an expense.

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