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Extreme Makeover Home: The ultimate staffing success?

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Extreme Makeover BuffaloMy family and I are big fans of the show Extreme Makeover Home Edition, and this week, the cast and crew are in my hometown of Buffalo, New York.  Ty Pennington and the design team have tackled a tough project – a run down house in a part of the city that most Western New Yorkers typically avoid (this is not a nice area of town).
But this article is not about the revitalization of a distressed neighborhood or the amazing people who are finding ways to survive despite very tough odds.  This article is about “temporary staffing,” and I am very proud to report that my home town has set a record for volunteerism with more than 4,500 people offering to help the Extreme Makeover Home Edition team (including my wife and partner at Haley Marketing, Victoria Kenward).
Now here’s the lesson for staffing firms…
In less than one week, the Extreme Makeover team and volunteers are going to completely rebuild one house and help refurbish more than 30 others–yes, that’s all in one week!  This is the ultimate in project staffing.  4,500 people. A mix of highly skilled experts, managers, and lay people filling in as laborers. All coordinated by one central group – the general contractor – to facilitate an amazing goal.
Think about the implications for your temporary staffing firm! 
Could you put together dynamic project teams to help your clients tackle specific types of projects? How about an extreme business development team? Or an extreme systems integration team? Or even an extreme office clean-up team?

Rather than wait for your clients to have a need for temporary staffing, you could create demand for staffing by providing rapid response solutions to specific types of business problems. Think about it.  You could have a rapid response team to tackle virtually any type of project – sales, marketing, accounting, finance, legal, HR, whatever your clients’ need. 

If you can develop expertise in different types of Extreme Business Makeovers, you could then sell local employers on your ability to assemble the right teams, execute the projects, and deliver exceptional results.  In fact, this model is essentially the one the movie industry uses to rapidly assemble complex, diverse teams to film.

Why not apply the same model to your clients? And give your business an extreme makeover in the process!

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