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Taking “Social Media” to the next level!

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Taking "Social Media" to the next level!

Social media is spreading faster these days than a California wildfire. It seems to be everywhere. It’s probably touched your staffing business or life in some small manner or form.

Some questions we all have been presented with are whether to jump into that pool or not. Is now the time? Is it a trend or fad which will have little return? Personally, these are questions which we won’t know the answers to until further down the road. A bigger question should be, ‘What happens if I wait too long?’ Am I reaching the right audience at all? Can I reach better talent?

There’s a segment of the talent pool which has continued to grow and accelerate into this social media market. I present to you the ‘gamers’. Yes, the ‘gamers’. You can snicker at the thought of these nimble fingered, wide-eyed audience as being the future of your business, but here is some compelling information.

This past month, Microsoft’s XBOX 360 online community, XBOX Live, introduced social media tools to it’s ever-expanding membership. Facebook and Twitter are now readily available to this tech savvy group, thus presenting another audience for your business to reach.

How significant of an ‘talent pool’ can be seen by some recent purchasing levels of a new game. “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2” was released mid November and within two days of it’s release had surpassed over $310 million in sales in the U.S. and U.K. These numbers are suggesting that there is a major shift in the entertainment industry to now focus in on this growing sector. Major online marketing towards this audience will see a heavy push in the future.

It’s even more significant now that your company’s message, available jobs, etc. can now reach out to this audience. This is a time where staffing companies are looking for different ways to reach and attract top level talent and increase their top-of-mind presence. Social media is a tool which can achieve these goals. Newer audiences are being introduced daily which can lead to some exciting opportunities.

For some ideas and suggestions on how you can take your social media marketing to the ‘next level’, feel free to ask our resident guru and ‘gamer’, Brad Smith, his thoughts on how to better be prepared for this next wave of opportunities.

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