Assess your organization with help from Gordon Ramsay

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I received an interesting email today. The subject line was “You Stupid Donkey!” So of course I thought it was directed to me.

Within the email was a link to a great blog post titled “What Any Business Can Learn From Chef Gordon Ramsay.” I’m a big fan of Gordon Ramsay and his show “Kitchen Nightmares”. The concept of the show is simple, Chef Ramsay goes into a restaurant that is struggling and identifies all of the things they are doing wrong. Just be warned, when you see it you may never want to dine out again.

This blog post discusses six ways that Gordon Ramsay looks at a restaurant and how you can apply those to your business. To me, #4 is the most important for staffing firms. It plays nicely off of my recent Ask Haley post about creating a better experience for candidates.

I hope you enjoy the tips!

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