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Google Analytics proves the power of Email Marketing

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We’re often asked by clients, “how can I judge the effectiveness of my email marketing campaign?”  Unfortunately, there really is no one-size fits all answer to this.  It really depends on what the goals of the client are.  Are they looking to stay-top-of mind, get the phone to ring, or drive traffic to their website?

Luckily, that last goal is something that is very easily tracked.  A product called Google Analytics is a very cheap and effective way to determine the number of visitors to your site, repeat visitors, where they are coming from, how they found your site, and countless other metrics.

I was recently looking at the Google Analytics accounts of some of my clients  and was pleasantly surprised at what I found.  While looking at a simple overview of the number of visitors to their site in the past month, I saw several spikes in their daily visitors.  After reviewing their mailing schedule I realized that these spikes were on the same days that a mailing was sent out.  Here’s a sample…

Essential Personnel
-100% increase in their average daily visitors on the day their email marketing was sent…

The CPI Group
Also a 100% increase…

And the best of all…

Clear Point Consultants
A whopping 400% increase in their average daily traffic on the day their email marketing was sent.

If designed properly your email newsletter will offer an easy way for recipients to go back to your website.  You can use specific calls to action to drive traffic to pages like order online forms, job boards, or your blog.

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